The C102 Voltage Controlled LFO is a voltage controlled low frequency oscillator with five waveforms available simultaneously.

With three frequency ranges ( L, M, H ) the VC LFO can oscillate from 7 minutes per cycle up to 800 Hz. Using the FM MOD input this range can be extended from 3 hours to 20Khz . With this wide frequency range, the LFO can be used to produce really slow and subtle modulations and audio frequency modulation (FM sounds).

Another important feature is that the oscillation frequency can be voltage controlled using the FM input. You can modulate the frequency with an envelope, other LFO , sequencer etc. Using the FM input, it’s also possible to create new waveforms like hyperbolic sine wave, hyperbolic cosine wave and more. Just connect one of the VC-LFO outputs to its own FM input and turn up the FM level potentiometer.

Also the C102 Voltage Controlled LFO has a Sync / Reset input (not available in L mode). Every time a trigger signal is detected, the LFO will restart the waveform to the beginning of its cycle.

C102 main characteristics

            • Three frequency ranges:

                    • L : from 7 minutes to 1 Hz

                    • M : from 0.1 Hz to 35 Hz

                    • H : from 2.5 Hz to 800 Hz

            • Five waveforms available simultaneously:

                    • Sine

                    • Triangle

                    • Saw

                    • Inverse Saw

                    • Pulse ( with variable pulse width)

            • Sync/Reset input

            • Frequency Modulation input with attenuator

            • Pulse Width control

195€ + VAT




technical data

  • Module Format : 5U, MU format ( Synthesizers.com, Moog )
  • Module Width :  1 MU ( Moog Unit )
  • Module Depth : 52 mm ( 2,05 inches )
  • Power :  +15V@33mA, -15V@24mA
  • Power connectors : Synthesizers.com , MOTM ( 4 pin )
  • Frequency Range : 7 minutes / 800 Hz (3 hours / 20Khz with FM)
  • Signal Levels : 10 Vpp ( -5V to +5V )