C104 Odyssey of Sound VCO

The C104 Odyssey of Sound VCO is a voltage controlled oscillator based in the discrete core of the ARP VCOs ( 2600, Odyssey… ).

The oscillator has four waveforms available simultaneously (sine, triangle, saw and square with variable pulse width). The square wave pulse width goes from 10% to 90% and can be over-modulated. This feature makes possible to created sounds that are not possible in other VCOs.

In addition to the VCO, the module includes a Ring Modulator (CMOS) and a Diode Soft Clipping circuit that can be voltage controlled. The RM and the DSC have independent outputs.


            • Wide frequency range from 5Hz to 30KHz.

            • Perfect tracking over at least 8 octaves.

            • Coarse and fine frequency controls.

            • +/- one octave switch.

            • Temperature compensated.

            • Four waveforms available simultaneously: Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square.

            • Square wave pulse width 10%-90% allowing overmodulation.

            • Hard sync input.

            • Two 1V/Octv inputs.

            • One exponential modulation input with level control.

Ring Modulator ( RM )

            • CMOS based (like the original ARP Odyssey).

            • Independent ouput.

            • VCO Square wave is internally connected to the Ring Modulator.

Diode Soft Clipping ( DSC )

            • Soft clipping level control.

            • Soft clipping level can be voltage controlled.

            • Independent output.

            • Two waveforms available, ( triangle and saw ) selectable by switch.

All these features makes the C104 Odyssey of Sound VCO a versatile oscillator with a sonic range not available in other VCOs.

260€ + VAT



technical data

  • Module Format : 5U, MU format ( Synthesizers.com, Moog )
  • Module Width :  1 MU ( Moog Unit )
  • Module Depth : 52 mm ( 2,05 inches
  • Power : +15V@54mA , -15V@48mA
  • Power connectors : Synthesizers.com , MOTM ( 4 pin )
  • Frequency Range : 5Hz to 30KHz
  • Signal level : 10Vpp ( +/- 5V )