C112 Assistants is the name of what will be the next Corsynth module. This module combines several basic functions very important in a modular synth. Normally these kind of modules tend to be overlooked in comparison to VCOs , VCFs.The reality is that these modules add a lot of synthesis options to any modular system.


The C112 Assistants combines all these functions in just one space :


            • A fully featured Glide function with Linear and Logarithmic modes. It’s also possible to select when the signal is affected by the glide circuit, when it goes up, down or both

            • An attenuverter that attenuates or invert and attenuates any signal.

            • Variable voltage source +/-5V.

            • An inverter that can be used with audio and CV signals.

            • Bipolar to Unipolar function. It converts any +/5V signal like VCOs, LFOs in a envelope type signal (0-5V). Perfect to use LFOs or VCOs with VCAs

            • White and Pink Noise. Add noise to your system without taking space for other modules.


All these functions make the C112 Assistants a perfect addition to any MU format modular system.

160€ + VAT

C112 Assistants