The C100 Power System is the solution for powering your modular system.


The C100 Power System is composed of :


            • A C100 Power module, with the external PSU input , the on / off switch, the rail status leds but also it’s is a Voltage Sources module.

            • An universal external PSU (works from 100-240V and 50-60Hz)

            • A high quality internal DC /DC converter

            • A power distribution board

            • Power cables


The advantages of this kind of power system are:


            • There is no dangerous voltages inside de cabinet.

            • It’s much less heavy than a linear PSU , making the cabinets more portable

            • Using a distribution board reduce to 0 the amount non used power cables inside the cabinet


The C100 Power System is really easy to install and not special tools are required (just a screw driver). A step by step installation guide is provided in the user manual.


The C100 Power System can provide up to an 1 Amp per rail (+/-15V). The 5V are taken from the +15V rail (250mAmp max in v2.0, 100 mAmp max in v1.0). The 5V volts only use the amperage that it’s needed so if no modules uses the 5V rail no amperage is consumed and all is available at the 15V rail.


The C100 designed to power up to 24 modules, that it’s more or less a 32-36 spaces cabinet depending on the power consumption of each module and how many non-single-wide modules are installed on the system.

Known incompatibilities
– Due design incompatibilities Synthesizers.com Q109 Envelope Generator doesn’t work correctly using the C100 Power System


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360€ + VAT


technical data

  • Module Format : 5U, MU format ( Synthesizers.com, Moog )
  • Module Width : 1 MU ( Moog Unit )
  • Power : +15V@1A max / 900mA min, -15V@1A, +5V maximum 100mA
  • Power connectors : Synthesizers.com