The C109 Attenuator Multiples is a combination of one attenuator a three multiples in one module.


Multiples and attenuators are very important in modular system. A multiples allows to send the same signal to several destinations and an attenuator reduces the amplitude of a signal so you can control the amount of signal that you send to a destination.


In the C109 the attenuator’s output is internally connected to the multiples number 1. This connection is really useful because it allows to send the same amount of the input signal to several destinations ( for example you can send the same amount of LFO to three VCOs ). Inserting a plug in the jack marked with a dot line in the multiples number one, breaks the connection between the multiples and the attenuator and the will work independently.


In the same way the multiples number two and three are internally connected and also this connection can be broken inserting a plug in the jack marked with a dot line in the multiples number 3.


This module is passive so it not draws current from your system.


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110€ + VAT


technical data

  • Module Format : 5U, MU format ( Synthesizers.com, Moog )
  • Module Width :  1 MU ( Moog Unit )
  • Module Depth : 28 mm ( 1,1 inches )
  • Power : +15V@0mA , -15V@0mA