The DR-01 Bass Drum is the first of a new series of Corsynth modules dedicated to analog drum synthesis and it’s also the first module of this kind commercially available in MU format.



Create a drum sounds from scratch using a modular synthesizer is always time and resourcing consuming. With the DR-01 you will save a lot of space, money and modules that can be used for other purposes. The DR-01 has all you need to create bass drums , toms a many other percussive sounds in just one single space. And thanks to the Tune CV input is even possible to use the DR-01 to create bass lines.



Punchy techno drums, industrial drums, drum sounds of the firsts analog drum machines, FM sounds… With the DR-01 is really easy to get the sounds that you need at every moment. All the parameters in the module have been carefully chosen to be used in a drum synthesis context (envelope times, oscillator frequencies, oscillator waveform etc ).



These are the DR-01 Bass Drum main features:



              • A voltage controlled oscillator with dedicated CV input for tuning.

              • A voltage controlled timbre circuit.

              • A dedicated tune modulation envelope.

              • An amplitude envelope with three different settings for the attack time.


It’s time to add drum sounds to your synth sequences! .



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220€ + VAT


All sounds in these demos are created using only the DR-01 as a sound source.


technical data

  • Module Format : 5U, MU format ( Synthesizers.com, Moog )
  • Module Width :  1 MU ( Moog Unit )
  • Power : +15V@18mA , -15V@18mA
  • Power connectors : Synthesizers.com , MOTM ( 4 pin )